Massive Exposure, Incredible Recall
The power of mobile billboard advertising
Discover how mobile billboard advertising can transform your business today
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Take the advantage of mobile billboard today.
Take the advantage of mobile billboard today.

Mobile Billboard Services

Mobile Billboards offers a comprehensive billboard advertising service.

Clients who hire Mobile Billboards will have support in all aspects of billboard marketing, ensuring the best chance of success for their campaign.

Billboards are made to fit three sided (triangular) vehicles. Two sides are approx 6m x 3m & the rear panel is 2.4m x 3m. This allows you a massive total of 20% more outdoor billboard advertising space (43.2 sqm) compared to the standard 2 sided mobile billboards that are only 6m x3m (36 sqm).

This not only gives clients better return on their advertising dollars but also increases the likelihood of gathering attention and reaching potential consumers.

All designs are created specifically for the client, and the digital images are printed on high quality vinyl skins. These skins are guaranteed to resist fading for up to three years.

This way, clients can reuse the skins over time, minimising cost and maximising effectiveness. As an added bonus, Mobile Billboards will even store the skins for clients at no additional cost, ensuring their safety and easy access for future use.

Massive Exposure, Incredible Recall

To explore the possibilities or discuss specific design questions, Mobile Billboards is here to help.

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Discover how mobile billboard advertising can transform your business.