Why Mobile Billboards

With so many marketing options, you might wonder why outdoor advertising from Mobile Billboards matters. However, when the scope of billboard advertising is understood, there really is no question at all. Just consider the following reasons:


Whether it be on the highway, in the city, at sporting events, shopping centres, even the beach, we can take your company’s brand and services directly to your target audience.


Unlike TV, Radio or Magazines a billboard can not be turned off or shut down, achieving maximum impact.


All billboards from Mobile Billboards are high quality digital prints, allowing for personalisation of text, images and colours. Clients literally have a blank canvas with endless possibilities. Designs are only limited by the size of the canvas and the creativity of the marketing team.

Return on Investment

The impact of billboard advertising is only half the story. The other half has to do with the affordability of such tactics. Mobile Billboards has the best prices in the industry, keeping costs affordable. This not only makes such marketing accessible to a wide range of businesses but ensures that every advertising dollar is well spent.


All billboard canvases can be saved and reused for future marketing campaigns. This can be a highly effective cost saving measure, thereby doubling the worth of the investment. In addition, all advertising canvases can be stored at one of our facilities for maximum convenience.



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